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   Do you have a Martin Mini that originally shipped with a proprietary PC system for autosetup that is now obsolete? We can provide a turnkey Rockwell Automation solution with an installed cost lower than the OEM upgrade. We remove the existing encoders and install multiturn absolute encoders which communicate to the Control Logix system via Devicenet.  The encoders are a direct fit with minimal mounting modifications. We also have eliminated any high speed counter modules.  The axis boxes on the operator side of the machine are also removed.  The axis cards on the drive side of the machine are replaced with Rockwell Flex I/O for control of the exisiting motors. Communication to the drive side I/O is done via Controlnet. An added feature to this package is the flexibility to add I/O and programming for "why won't I run".  Anybody with a Mini understands the value of this feature!

      We employ the Allen Bradley Panelview Plus unit communicating on Controlnet for the operator interface which is very fast and reliable. Our autosetup also includes recipe management for quick easy recipe management.  The operator can enter the dimensions on a "box view" screen and save the setup to the Panelview Plus.  Data is saved on a flash card and and be transported and saved.

The advantage of this system is you are not locked into the OEM for replacements or service.  Feel free to contact us for competivite upgrade pricing. 


    Tired of your press operators wearing out the die mats by not stopping the machine?  We have a turnkey system that monitors the feed interrupt circuit and will time out to increase die mat life.  Running the machine without a blank creates direct knife to mat contact and is very expensive. We also have counting and alarming to notify the supervisor it is time to rotate the mats.  Typical payback is less than 2 months based on a 2 shift operation.  You not only get a return on the die mat investment you should see an increase in production! 


Martin Mini Auto Setup main Compact Logix PLC equipped with Controlnet communiations to the I/O and Devicenet communications to the axis encoders. 


Folding Follower

   If you have a folding section with an old drive we have an upgrade path with the Allen Bradley Powerflex 700S high performance drive.  We install a drive rated 1000:1 high turndown motor to drive the folding section.  A master encoder is mounted on the press and an encoder on the motor.  The Powerflex 700S has the capablities of calculating and maintaining the position.  The 700S can also accept a Control Logix PLC in a side car expander and the possiblities are endless!


Martin Mini Slotter Section 1794 Flex I/O which replaces the original axis boxes.  Original wiring is connected to the output modules.

Jam Detection

  We have a jam detection system that can be installed on your press in a matter of hours.  We use an Allen Bradley PLC and a Panelview for the operator interface. No proprietary hardware is used so you are not locked into any one vendor.

    This system will alarm and stop the machine.  The system will also annuciate which photoeye shut down the machine.  Photoeye status is provided on the Panelview for diagnostics and operator feedback.  We have installations running and detecting 425 blanks per minute.